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1. série

01x01 Pilot - ZDE!

01x02 Night of the Comet - ZDE!
01x03 Friday Night Bites - ZDE!

01x04 Family Ties - ZDE!

01x05 You're Undead to Me - ZDE!

01x06 Lost Girls - ZDE!

01x07 Haunted - ZDE!

01x08 162 Candles - ZDE!

01x09 History Repeating - ZDE!

01x10 The Turning Point - ZDE!

01x11 Bloodlines - ZDE!

01x12 Unpleasantville - ZDE!

01x13 Children of the Damned - ZDE!

01x14 Fool Me Once - ZDE!

01x15 A Few Good Men - ZDE!

01x16 There Goes the Neighborhood - ZDE!

01x17 Let the Right One In - ZDE!

01x18 Under Control - ZDE!

01x19 Miss Mystic Falls - ZDE!

01x20 Blood Brothers - ZDE!

01x21 Isobel - ZDE!

01x22 Founder's Day - ZDE!

2. série

02x01 The Return - ZDE!

02x02 Brave New World - ZDE!

02x03 Bad Moon Rising - ZDE!

02x04 Memory Lane - ZDE!

02x05 Kill or Be Killed - ZDE!

02x06 Plan B - ZDE!

02x07 Masquerade - ZDE!

02x08 Rose - ZDE!

02x09 Katerina - ZDE!

02x10 The Sacrifice - ZDE!

02x11 In light of the Moon - ZDE!

02x12 The Descent - ZDE!

02x13 Daddy Issues - ZDE!

02x14 Crying Wolf - ZDE!

02x15 The Dinner Party - ZDE!

02x16 The House Guest - ZDE!

02x17 Know Thy Enemy - ZDE!

02x18 The Last Dance - ZDE!

02x19 Klaus - ZDE!

02x20 The Last Day - ZDE!

02x21 The Sun Also Rises - ZDE!

02x22 As I Lai Dying - ZDE!

3. série

03x01 The Birthday - ZDE!
03x02 The Hybrid - ZDE!
03x03 The End of the Affair - ZDE!
03x04 Disturbing Behavior- ZDE!
03x05 The Reckoning - ZDE!
03x06 Smells Like Teen Spirit - ZDE!
03x07 Ghost World - ZDE!
03x08 Ordinaly people - ZDE!
03x09 Homecoming - ZDE!
03x10 The New Deal - ZDE!
03x11 Our Town - ZDE!
03x12 The Ties That Bind - ZDE!
03x13 Bringing Out the Dead - ZDE!
03x14 Dangerous Liaisons - ZDE!
03x15 All My Children - ZDE!
03x16 1912 - ZDE!
03x17 Break On Trough - ZDE!
03x18 The Murder of One - ZDE!
03x19 Heart of Darkness - ZDE!
03x20 Do not Go Gentle - ZDE!
03x21 Before Sunset - ZDE!
03x22 He Departed - ZDE!


04x01 Growing Pains - ZDE!


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